Cake Pops

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Ok so a cake is a cake, cupcakes are cupcakes, but everyone knows what we all love about both of those — the frosting!  In leiu of cakes or cupcakes i have been making cake pops lately,  They are fun, easy to eat, even easier to store and a nice change to the usual birthday cake or cupcakes.

Step 1 – decide what flavor cake and frosting to use

Step 2 – Bake cake as directed in your recipe; yes you can use a box, but come on, a homemade cake is sooooo much better.  Check out my butter cake recipe here: or how about red velvet cake pops using my Red velvet cake recipe with buttercream frosting.

Step 3 – Make your frosting; check out my standby buttercream here:

Step 4 – After the cake has cooled, crumble it into the frosting and mix well to combine

Step 5 – Using a small cookie scoop (approx 2 TBS) roll into balls, place on a sheet tray or cookie sheets and place in refrigerator for 2-4 hours;

Step 6 – after the balls have been refrigerated store in an airtight container.


Use your imagination here folks, change the color of the frosting to add a spice of color, add lollipop sticks to make cake pops, drizzle with melted white or dark chocolate.  Your imagination is your only limitation here.

And most importantly – HAVE FUN!!